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Top 10 Reasons Why We Have Sold Over 120 Storage Condominiums in the Last 5 years…and continue to sell them through these economic times. In short, they fill the gap that neither commercial real estate or residential developments provide.

  1. Unique Solution – This is a unique concept that fills an un-served niche in the real estate market. There is simply nothing else  that can compete in price, maintentance and amenities.
  2. Immediate and Recognizable Value – Commercially-zoned real estate just doesn’t come in under $36,000 these days. They are an economical, flexible, and useful space for many personal and business needs. It is a nice garage away from home that is functional and affordable.
  3. Excellent Location – Our location is by far the best in Ohio. With access to all major highways (I77, I71, I76, I271) within minutes we are able to attract owners, businesses and renters from a wide radius.
  4. Quality, Affordable Investment For Under 40k – The solution provides small businesses a solution for quality affordable space that they can own instead of wasting money on rent.
  5. Clean, Functional and Secure Storage - Provides a clean, functional, and secure storage solution for people who have valuable cars, boats, RVs, antiques, records and other personal belongings.
  6. Ideal Workshop that Appreciates - Provides an opportunity for hobbyists to create, furnish, and enjoy a workshop near their home which appreciates in value. They no longer have to “make do” in their basement or the garage. They can accomplish this without having to move, build a new home, fight with their home owners associations, or remodel their existing home.
  7. Quality Space for Under 40k - Excellent Resale and Long Term Value – Because the space is so flexible and functional, and the price-point is so low, the units are virtually guaranteed to appreciate…in any real estate climate.
  8. All-In-One Storage condominium-Workshop-Business-Entertainment Space - It is the perfect storage-workshop-business space all in one – it is like an extension of your home.
  9. Economical-not Cheap! – High demand has provided the opportunity for us to refine the building design, costs and features based upon both contractor and owner input.
  10. Income Generating Real Estate at 9% Rate of Return on your Money! - Saavy business people are purchasing these units and renting them out to generate income. The rate of return on your money is extremely high, yet the investment is ultra conservative. Some investors have discovered and utilitzed a way to purchase this real estate using invesment funds (IRA, SEP, 401K).