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If you've ever had to put your "stuff" in storage, you can understand why some renters leave items in warehouses for deades. It doesn't matter where you live, people don't want to move their stuff once it is in storage.

Like purchasing a home, purchasing a storage condominium will build equity in real property that will increase in value over time. Rent paid is never recovered.

There are tax benefits that could be realized depending on how the financing is structured.

There could be tax benefits if the space is used for business purposes.

Mortgage payments are usually similar or less than the cost to rent. Owning gives you the flexibility to customize your unit to fit your needs. Ownership provides an inexpensive storage solution for small business owners like Plumbers, Builders and Home Improvement Companies who need space for inventory and materials.

Storage condominium ownership gives you the freedom to come and go as you please.
Ownership will provide pride within a community of other owners.

No one can predict the future but if you look at the history of inflationary trends you will see that rents, in general, do not come down. Property ownership eliminates lease provisions and puts those inflationary trends to work for you instead of against you.

Your mortgage payment is often less expensive than rental rates.

Youu will receive no rent increases or lease renewal hassles when you are your own landlord.

You will be able to list the property as an asset on personal balance sheets.

You will enjoy an increase in the value of your property

You can receive tax benefits such as depreciation and the deductibility of mortgage interest rates (not guaranteed: consult with your tax professional/accountant).

Amenities and other property improvements within your unit can be added to accommodate your specific needs and these will increase the value of your real estate, not your landlord’s real estate.

Unit owners enjoy a partnership participation in the management and maintenance decisions regarding the property.

Expenses for improvements can be recaptured at the time of the sale of the property, rather than lost as is the case on a lease property.